By Senamiso Moyo
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World Peace, a term that has been thrown around so often when people are discussing their dreams and aspirations. When a pot-bellied politician stands on a podium making empty promises to his people, world peace or a contribution towards it is often mentioned. Yet, in the year 2015 where the world has surely become more connected thanks to technology and easy accessibility to any part of the planet, peace in the world is no more realistic than Greek Mythology.
This brings to mind the fundamental question for all young people. Why even in this time, are we still praying for World Peace? Maybe that is the issue, people are praying and we never truly know to who and for what they are praying for, if religion and prayer truly work then surely someone’s prayers would be answered if they wanted the extermination of all Zimbabweans or as we often see nowadays, a person subsequently killing in the name of a God. Perhaps Religion is the main hindrance of World Peace.
Watching the news nowadays it’s become increasingly apparent that the nation of Islam feels insulted and undermined by the rest of the world and they have decided to strike back in the name of their God, The war for the Gaza strip between Israel and Palestine is based on differing religious beliefs with the Muslims striving to see the Jews wiped off the face of the earth, closer to home Boko Haram is causing havoc in Nigeria in order to uphold the beliefs of the Islamic state and the stereotypical characterisation given to all these people by the more developed countries who feel their religious beliefs are more coherent only angers them and the result of this is that there is no peace in the world.
It’s a sad conclusion to come to especially considering what religion is meant to represent. The truth is that even the most seemingly peaceful beliefs such as Christianity are flawed by hypocrisy and to a greater extent a lack of respect for other beliefs. It would be fair to say that if the world was one secular state there would be no killing in the name of a God or anger brought through undermining each other’s beliefs, peace in the world would still be far off, but there is no doubt that we would be a step closer.
Featured imageSenamiso is a law student at the University of the Witswaterand.

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