presidentBirth Name: Shadowlit Ndou Sidila

Date of Birth: October 15 1989

Home Town: Beitbridge

Status: In a Serious relationship

Hobbies: watching movies,going out especially to nature reserves.

Some present day politicians display inborn talent and skill. Most of our elites have forgotten the fact that “example is more valuable than advice.”

The NUST President is known for his good looks and his love for  fashion as he is seen in different matching suits all the time.

He is an outspoken young men with a zeal for politics and the betterment of NUST students.

” I am working on the Zim Asset model, that is attainable through encouraging Entrepreneurship.” said Ndou ” We are trying by all means to help students to be self sufficient and loosen the burdens on their parents.”

Most people look at him and see an ideal leader as he tries by all means to lead by example, today he was handing condoms to all students on Campus, ” I Know we doing this so why not protect ourselves.”

He is enthusiastic about the Zim asset issue as he is heard saying that Nust students should “think in other terms” and live up to the University motto.

This can only be attained if the clubs on campus are functional and they receive funding from the Institution so that they are fully achieve this.

During his first days in office, he had a hard time dealing with the acting dean of students, Ms Magida, who he says strongly despised him and was at some point a hindrance to his plans. He also cited time constraints as some of the challenges to implement working policies for Nust.

“Given an opportunity to work a normal year I would achieve a lot,” said the president

When asked about how he would assist the conventional students who are currently not learning , he boldly said ” I am going to Harare today I will talk to Olivia Muchena, the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development as the Chairman of the National Students board ( a board that looks at issues that local University administrators cannot address).

By Michelle NQ Mulingo. Follow @QuenethM

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