…Instead of blaming your parents on how they failed you on what you wanted to do, why not focus on how best you can equip yourself for life…

By Thembinkosi Sayi|@Teesayie
Self belief is a necessity for us all. It is so important that it holds the key to success for an individual and a nation. To believe means confidence in self. There are many things that have not been done or tried simply because people lacked belief. It is for this reason that some say that failure is a sign of trial. On a road to success, belief is the foundation.

According to Mark Tyrrell, many fail to believe in themselves because others did not. So having said that, do not wait for someone`s approval in that you want to achieve. Take a step, boldly with the intent of achieving. Discouragement might flock in from others but be still looking forward to what you want to attain. Discouragement is a sign that you moving the right path because it is absent in the ways of the idle.
Be careful of being failed by others like Barnabas Sibanda, a man from Mpopoma who had invented his own helicopter. He failed to stand the criticism he faced and his dream perished. Discouragement should enforce your noble thoughts.


Eleanor Roosevelt argues that nobody makes you feel inferior without your consent. This means that for every failure you ought not to blame anyone but yourself. You hold your own destiny. Life is not about excuses and taking responsible of action, picking yourself up and moving on is the principle. Blaming others will not accomplish your dream but rather blinkers.

For example, instead of blaming your parents on how they failed you in life on what you wanted to do because of this and that, why not focus on how best you can equip yourself for life. Life will still need you and thus you have to live by other means.

In self belief, bold decisions are made. Belief requires faith rather than sight. What you see is not what you perceive you do not need belief in doing something common. Think big. Look for what you can do something uncommon but sound and worth the effort.

Fight against all odds. If others have done it before then you can as well do it. Look at Strive Masiyiwa; he faced lot of opposition before he finally got a license. Where would Zimbabwe be without Econet? Think of all the employees. You can make a difference.

It awaits us as Zimbabweans to believe in ourselves even if the government and anyone else do not. Come up with ideas that will take the nation forward. Remember self belief is learnable. We can all be flexible and change, even fly.

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