It is Ironic that Christians from various denominations around Zimbabwe deem their places of fellowship as the only rightful and perfect places of worship, bringing contempt to the rest of other Churches. Aren’t all denominations equal in the sight of God though? Perhaps Christians have lost the sole purpose of worship!

by Michelle Munatswa| Featured Image Credit:www.zinafe.com

My neighbor said something a bit disturbing to me which got me wondering if  Christians really knew the purpose  of going to church. I asked her why her family had not gone to church that day. Her response was that of lack of  transport to go there and l suggested that they go to a neighboring church just for that day as the God they worshipped was the same.

She replied, “What for? It is not my church and I cannot go there, it’s better I stay at home sibili.

This is one ironic thing happening around Zimbabwe where Christians deem their place of worship as the only rightful, perfect place to fellowship. It makes other churches appear bad and ungodly which is against the bible command which states that we are all equal in the sight of the Lord. It raises questions such as, have the Christians lost the sole purpose of worship?

Christian values suggest that we worship the same God and are all in a mission to go to heaven when the world finally comes to an end. We are a family belonging to one God. Although we have different ways of worshiping, our target is still the same, hence Christians should be united.

There is no denomination better than the other and preachers should really teach that. It’s just one’s choice to fellowship at ZAOGA and it does not mean it is now better than AFM or any other church. Churches should come together and be Disciples of Christ and make the whole world come to Christ.

Thousands members of Apostolic Sect at Mafararikwa Shrine in Marange, commonly referred to as "Amapostoli" in Ndebele. Image:relzim.org/ M Chibaya
Thousands members of Apostolic Sect at Mafararikwa Shrine in Marange, commonly referred to as “Amapostoli” in Ndebele. Image:relzim.org/ M Chibaya

But how is that possible when the world sees the way congregants from different denominations view and treat each other. Charity begins at home. How can Christians say they love the non-Christians to an extent of preaching to them yet they cannot love a fellow congregation or place of worship, make fun of it and say negative things about it?

Christians must stop looking at themselves as better than the other. There is nothing wrong with ‘AMAPOSTOLI’ for instance, in their white gowns, fellowshipping under trees as they also  worship the same God. When Christians realize this, the world will be a better place to live in. No one would question the values of Christianity or even look down on God because all will be moving letters about his goodness.


  • Interesting insight on fellowship, the complexity comes because of different biblical interpretations. I am catholic and there are some churches that I feel I cannot be part of because of the manner of worship, there are some people that do not believe the catholic way of worshiping God. Do I think my church is better than others, certainly not, am more comfortable there. It is true however that if we worship the same God, the comfort should be a pre-requisite, unfortunately religion is a sensitive subject. The most important thing I believe is sincerity of worship through the way you live your life, the church does not make one a better Christian than another, the character is what shows who is a Christian and who is not.

    • Well said Vimbai, even though we worship the same God, the manner in which we worship varies. However it is also true that Christians tend to be contemptuous of others whose denominations’ doctrine differs from theirs. It’s a complex matter. Maybe we need inter-denominational tolerance of some sort, but as you rightly put it, faith issues are very sensitive.


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