“to gain muscle you
need to supply your
body with a suitable
amount of calories..”

by Lance Chigodo – Great Zimbabwe University

Most of the people believe loading extraordinary weighs in workouts and sweating your guts out in the gym is the real challenge and the right track to obtain “super duper” muscle gains or a cute bikini sexy body for summer but the real deal is way beyond that. It is so unbelievable and yet so true that one can get good results with less training or lose that pot- belly with less training. The secret is fighting the real battle which is right under our nose, in the kitchen.

During my experience in the different gyms I have been in most people train hard but they do not give a damn about nutrition. The time one spends in the working can possibly go down the drain when nutrition is ignored. I do not behold the best gains nor do I look very fabulously ripped but after noting that about 80 % of gains are in the kitchen I changed my attitude towards monitoring my nutrition. As a body builder to gain muscle you need to supply your body with a suit- able amount of calories.

The amount of calories you supply your body with should more than the amount of calories you use when working out. Portion sizes at meal time should be well controlled aiming to get 40-60 grams of protein and 40 to 50 grams of carbohydrates depending with your body size. This is meant to avoid fat storage pro- cesses in the body and dietary fats should be as low as possible despite healthy fats such as olive oil, fatty fish and nuts. The main trick here is to gain clean mass and get rid of dirty useless weight. Clean weight also enhances your performance at the gym or in your sporting discipline.

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The essentials in obtaining the body of your dream is adding essential protein supplying foods to your grocery, fruit/vegetables to supply you with vitamins to recover the dam- ages done to the body during training and water should be your best friend. “to gain muscle you need to supply your body with a suitable amount of calories..” Diet control may seem too boring or ex- pensive but it happens to be the real battle to consider fighting. Suitable diet can be obtained without using expensive supplements or protein shakes but adding more healthy food to your menu. An increase of egg whites, white meat, low fat milk, beans/ legumes, lean red meat, brown rice, whole wheat bread, nuts, bananas, apples, oranges and sugar free fruit juice could help you gain enormous gains with- out killing yourself with so much hard , exercises and heavy weights. With a protein to fat ratio of 60:1, egg whites are unquestionably one of the purest forms of protein in the world.

This magnificent muscle-building food also possesses an extremely high biological value. White meats such as chicken and turkey breasts should be a staple in every bodybuilder’s diet. Aside from providing an excellent source of high quality protein, they are also extremely low in saturated and transfats. Fish has an added advantage of essential fatty acids such as omega-3 to help support the muscle-building process. If you are serious about building muscle, you cannot ignore the power of beans and legumes. When people typically think of bodybuilding foods, they immediately refer to various lean meats, but what they do not realize is that the bean is a delicious and highly nutritious source of protein and fiber.

Lean ground beef and cuts of red meat are excellent mass building food sources rich in protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins. Red meats have a high calorie per serving ratio, making it an excellent choice for hard gainers looking to pack on some serious size. You also need a good source of slow-burning carbohydrates to fuel and sustain your muscles. Slow-acting carbohydrates found in foods such as oatmeal and sweet potatoes make the best pre-workout snack. When it comes to muscle builders, the first thing to come to mind is meat but water is essential to everyone. 70% of a human body is water and muscle, tissue cells and ligaments all contain water and most importantly, your life force – blood – is made up substantially of water.


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