Another year of fallacies

 By Sineke Sibanda

Every time when the year begins, people are so enthusiastic, positive and so dearly looking forward to the future of that year. Some even get to an extent of naming their year; i.e year of taking over, a year of more than enough, a year of turn around…etc, there’s just too much of these fallacies you know. The one that bores me to the bone is this one; a year of new beginnings. Why do I hate it, people are always beginning every year, they never go forward from beginning to the next level, they are always beginning, there is practically no growth in it besides recycling it.

There is a fact that we can’t ignore; naming a year doesn’t make it any different from all the others to come or that have gone by. In fact, all the years are the same, naming it a year of achievements doesn’t make that year achieve things for you. So most of us name our years and then sit down, do nothing about our declarations, I’m sorry but I think that’s fully fledged stupidity.  What gives power to the declaration is the action you take to make it count. We do not normally take responsibility for what happens between the beginning of the year and when it draws to the end.

The simple principle in life is that you always get out what you put in. The amount of investment you put in should be equivalent to the amount of the result. I know that this may not be the case with our capitalist principles. In their world, you put in little and expect much, that’s fine. But nature’s principles defy that, you only get an equivalent of what you put in. Ask a farmer whether the harvest of ten seeds planted in a 20hactre farm will give you different results from the same number of seeds planted in a 10m yard. Whether the land is bigger or smaller, you only get what is equivalent to the number of seeds you planted, period! That is nature, that is how life works… If you have intentions of making this your year of achievements, start creating opportunities for yourself and seizing all those that come your way. Prepare yourself for the challenge, prepare to walk the talk.

I declared that this is my year of growth, I guess there is nothing wrong with that. In another article I wrote, I said we fail to grow because we ask the wrong questions. What questions should I answer for me to be able to ascertain whether I have grown or not at the end of the year. What is growth? Where do I want to grow, why should I grow, what is it that will help me grow, what sacrifices should I prepare to make, who can help me grow, what changes do I need to make from what I have been already doing, what used to stunt my growth before? There are many questions we surely need to ask ourselves as we set out to make this year different. As for me, I need to be able to measure and evaluate myself on whether I’m growing or not every month so that I see if it’s just a declaration or a practical move. What am I reading to help me grow etc…

We are made of many components or we are affected by several components we need to address, for some it is spiritual, academic, work-related, financial etc. We need to think about these as we set out to see our year turn out to be different from all the others. You are the power your resolutions need for them to come true… Value your goals and see yourself reap the ripest grapes, it may not be easy but it has to be done. If you do not care for yourself, no one will and you will be an example of what not to do for one to avoid failure, avoid it by taking up the charge over your life. Choose to be an example of what one should do to set successful resolutions.


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