‘The strong man inside her…’

Nomathemba Zondo

Have you ever appreciated the fact that you are a woman? Have you ever given yourself time to figure out why God made you to be who you are today and most importantly to be woman? Well, it is because you are a special creation which is strong enough to carry the burdens of the universe and to keep on keeping on just hoping for a better tomorrow.

Though society has often cultivated this mentality that women are sex objects and are subjects to male gaze,  I know for a fact that women are better than that. They are strong human beings who always push for things until they get results.

I appreciate the mother that I have  because through her I learnt that anything is possible and i can surely do ‘bad all by myself“. Yes she is married to my dad, she is a wife but that never stopped her from dreaming big. My mom never had the time to wait for my dad all day long to come back home from work then serve him with food and then go to sleep then do the exact thing the same day. She would wake up in the morning and go look for money by sellingamabhele (second hand clothes) so that me and my brother could go to school and have a bright future.

Despite the fact that this woman never had the opportunity to go to school because she grew up in a very patriarchal home where they believed there was no use of taking a girl child to school since she was going to get married and the husband would take care of her, she grew up and reversed this whole ideology by working hard to earn a living so as to also provide for the family.

She would spend sleepless nights on the road just to try and earn a living and not depend on her husband not because my dad was not earning enough but because she knew how to play her role as a woman. Just because society has constantly reminded you that you are a woman and your role is in the kitchen does not mean you have to stay in the kitchen!

I’m so inspired by her because I am the lady that I am today because of her. I know that being a woman does not bring limitations but its actually a bonus because i can give birth and  do more than the society thinks I’m capable of. As we approach the woman’s month, lets celebrate who we are as women. Embrace who you are because it takes you to empower yourself before you empower others.

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