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Teachers: “Heroes Without Merit!”

By Bright Zindove & Sineke Sibanda

One thing I know for sure is that most great men on earth stood on the shoulders of great and mighty women. One way or the other, they  passed through the hands of a teacher. Steven Hawkings, Bill Gates, Gandhi to mention just a few, at some point in their lives had to get education so as to create a better world. We all need someone to remove all the dark meta in our brains, someone to treat us with tough love and prepare us for the tough world we live in.


The sacrifices some of our teachers have made were too immense and surpassed what our parents could have done on their own. You know, we all come from differnt backgrounds and situations at home and all meet one person who has the responsibility of understanding all of us and treat us according to how we have been bruised or spoiled: just to make us better.

I remember how unrefined all of us in class were back in the day, in behavior, morals, even academically. As naughty as we were, we were innocent academic, moral and behavioral virgins; couldn’t differentiate wrong from right. Some of our friends came from broken homes and some were orphaned; it took our teachers to play that significant role to make them feel the same way as those who came from stable homes. It was a teacher’s duty to make us coexist and suppress the hate traits of humanity.

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With so much responsibilities our teachers bore on their shoulders to make our parents to be proud of what we have become, it makes so much sense to question why is it that the very same people who spend their time playing such a huge role in our lives have become a laughing stock in our societies. Why is it our teachers are earning so little whilst they are doing more than anyone could? It is not easy to develop a child, besides this being a job, it is more of a calling. Not everybody can do this. So why is it that our heroes who fight against the dark forces of ignorance every single day get little recognition and sometimes no respect at all?  Let us give praise where it is due. Let us appreciate the hard work that our teachers have done, are doing and continue to do to make better citizens wards building better tomorrow…

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