Easter Thoughts

by Jason Shiri| NUST,ZW

“We played wedding songs and you didn’t dance so we played funeral songs but you didn’t weep”(Mathew 11:17)

Jesus said that in response to a crooked generation which didn’t understand His purpose on earth. They didn’t understand Him simply because He didn’t fit into any of their mantras or formulae of understanding. He was an anomaly but an active one. See unlike the anomalies or outliers in a set of data, you couldn’t count Him out even if you wanted to. He just made way too much noise way too often for anyone to ignore Him or downplay His agenda. So if Jesus came back right now and took a look into your life would He find an anomaly in you? More importantly can you find the anomalies in other people?


The beginning of learning is connection. See the relationship between X and Y and call it Z. Take Z out of the context of X and Y and apply it in a new situation. If Z yields result Y conclude that Z operates independently of X and will produce result Y in any situation. Sounds complex I know but thats really all they are teaching us in schools and universities. They are teaching you how to think and how what you think relates to what is already known. But no one teaches you what’s on the other side of the horizon simply because no one knows. Enter Jesus. See He came with a new thing that was supposedly heralded by old teachings: The plan of salvation. But because the old teachings weren’t limited in a lateral plain, laterally thinking individuals completely missed it. The law givers and teachers completely missed the point. Why? Because he wouldn’t weep when they played funeral songs.

That’s what we do. Once we’ve gathered a handful of knowledge we try to use it for our benefit by manipulating every situation out of it’s liberty to exist outside out influence. Take relationships for example. Every relationship fundi will tell you that expectation hurts because peoples behavior is far from predictable so when you expect what you will and it doesn’t come through you automatically question the accuracy of your understanding. Does she still love you even if she doesn’t do what you think that someone who loves you should do? Its a difficult question.

If there’s one thing that Jesus taught His generation it was that we should never limit God to our own understanding. Lets move that a little closer. We should never limit other people to our own understanding. People are really dynamic. They have mood swings, culture shocks, motivation, relapse, aspiration, anger, boredom, guilt, fear, love, fear again.. Where does predictability ever factor in there? Yes chances are after you have known a person for a while you can make an “educated guess” about their conduct but its not always predictable and hence trying to manipulate anyone is not only unethical, it’s just not practical or sustainable.

So relax. Take a step back. Ask yourself what you are expecting and what you’re getting and ask yourself if there is really a difference in terms of the bottom line when it comes to other people. “..love doesn’t demand its own way..” Because it understands that its way is not the only way. Don’t take that for granted, if scholars missed it chances are you and your smart self missed it to at some point in your life. Such is the life we live. Its riddled with booby traps and trick questions, painted faces and rigged elections. But it’s all good. Its only what you do, think and become that should concern you. It concerns me enough to write about.

If life was a rose the then thorns are a consequence

Of thinking vertically let me elevate your consciousness

I’m thinking maybe all I really need is a bucket load of confidence

Cause honesty and bravery make harmony in awareness.



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