By Sibanda Mdawini

SEVERAL students were left stranded as the eagerly anticipated school bus demo took a turn to the worst.

According to social media reports, the students who forcibly boarded a university bus on Monday afternoon were not ferried to town but instead dumped at the transport depot while the lecturers in the bus were ushered into another bus.Screenshot_1.jpg

Reports said that the Transport department is not allowed to ferry anyone outside the scheduled timetable, hence the bus driver had to idle the bus and flee the scene since the student were not on schedule.

According to a message circulating of Whatsapp, signed by Nicholas Mushayi, the students were supposed to meet at the campus terminus at 1600 hrs where  they were going to board.

“Tomorrow, (Monday) students are going to be transported to town from campus by our yellow bus,” read part of the message. ” Lets all meet by the gate at 1600hrs and get into our bus.”

However, the message did not clarify if there was any communication with the transport department authorising the students to board the bus.

Another student who claimed to have been part of the negotiations to draft a timetable for the bus to ferry the students said the means of getting the bus were “baboon methods” and did not resemble academic behavior.

“On our memoirs with the dean, we discussed the issue of the bus and were tasked to come with a timetable but that needs an annual union meeting with the students,” said the student who preferred anonymity.

“However, the SRC is being run by one man, the president Nyika and his secretary general and can not call for that meeting. So a new SRC will have to do that.”


Meanwhile, the self proclaimed organisres of the demo, Nicholas, Talent, Respect, and Ranga have called for more students to join the bus demo which continues at 1600hrs on Tuesday.

“Fellow students, the sweltering summer of our legitimate discontent will not pass until an invigorating autom of justice is brought in,” read a whatsapp authered by Nicholas, after the demo.

The demos are a result of the administration’s alleged failure to fulfil its promises of offering students a shattle services to and from the city center foloowing the procurement of the bus early this year.


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