Blessings Panashe Nyamhunga

Creating moments with Blessings Panashe Nyamhunga

by Mbulelo Mpofu | Nust ZW

Creative Photography is not a fly-by-night entity. Rather, it is a reputable brand that has brought the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) to its knees. Photo shoots have been slowly but surely gaining ground across the whole academic divide and Creative Photography has held the industry by the scruff of its neck through quality pictures.

That has made Creative Photography a household name.

To know more about the brand, Campus Moments’ Mbulelo Mpofu (MM) sat down with ‘face’ of Creative Photography Blessings Nyamhunga (BN) and this is what went down:

MM: Who is Blessings Nyamhunga?

Blessing Panashe Nyamhunga
Blessings poses for a selfie with a colleague at Nyazura Adventist High School

BN: Blessings Nyamhunga is a guy who grew up in Chinhoyi 21 years ago and went to Nyazura Adventist High School for his A-Level studies. I’m an Adventist. Last year I came to NUST to pursue Electronic Engineering. I’m in my 2nd year now.

MM: Many people know you as Mr Creative Photography. Tell me, where does the name come from and when did this photography journey begin?

Blessing Panashe Nyamhunga
Portrait of the budding photographer at NUST

BN: Ever since I was so young, I would go around looking for people with the best cameras on their phones asking for selfies (laughs) up until last year when my friend said he was going to buy a camera just to take pictures of me. I pitched the idea to my parents who were of the idea that instead of taking ourselves pictures, taking other people pictures would have made more sense and that’s how Creative Photography was born.

MM: Who is your icon in photography?

BN: Brytwell Phiri, a photographer cum videographer who owns Melding Photo Studio. My only desire is that one day I produce pictures with such high quality as he does.

MM: What’s the one thing that people don’t know about Creative Photography?

Blessings and colleagues

BN: Creative Photography is not a one-man-band. I don’t work in isolation. I’m just the face of the brand but there is a friend of mine by the name Unique ‘Igwe’ Dzvairo as well who handles all the finances and manages everything. He is the one who actually brought the idea and I brought the vibe. We are equal partners. I’m just the face of Creative Photography and he is the man behind the scenes. He studies Civil Engineering Part 2.

MM: How do you balance photography and electronics?

BN: Nowadays, I’m more into photography because I’m into zeros (chuckles) man. I attend to bookings first and then myself later. I know that at the same time I need a future.

MM: Do you photography and videography as well?

BN: I’m mostly into photography but have ventured into videography as well.

MM: What types of functions does Creative Photography focus on?

BN: We do weddings, family gatherings, graduation parties, birthday parties and also outings.

MM: Mr Blessings, thanks a lot for coming over.

BN: You are welcome

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