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Join the ‘Millionaire Walk’ with Muziwenkosi Moyo.

“There are two days to note in life. The first being the day one was born and the latter being the day one realised why they were born”- Meet Muziwenkosi Sigidi Moyo, a motivational speaker/philanthropist and leader.

“There are two days to note in life. The first being the day one was born and the latter being the day one realised why they were born”, are the words of Muziwenkosi Sigidi Moyo, a motivational speaker/philanthropist and leader. Want to be a millionaire? Hop on to the bandwagon being steered by this bubbly young man.

Campus Moments caught up with the confident young man who also happens to be the Minister of Information and Publicity at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Student Representative Council (SRC) and had a chat about his impact on people’s lives. Being a speaker myself, the chatterbox Muziwethu held the fort and cemented his stance as the one, ‘who was born to speak.’ The young man is vocal and detailed indeed.

Mbulelo Mpofu (MM) solicited information from Muziwenkosi Sigidi Moyo (MSM). The following is the interview:

MM: Who is Muzi and what is he all about?
MSM: Muzi is a young man who believes that anything is possible and anyone is capable of doing anything if they put the necessary work. I’m very passionate about changing lives through motivational speaking. I’m also a philanthropist as well.

MM: The basis of our discussion today happens to be your philanthropic work, ministry at the NUST SRC and also the ‘Speech Brigade’. Tell us about these three entities.
MSM: Basically, the charity organisation that I established called; ‘The Helping Hand’ aims to reach out to the less fortunate so as to help them with their physical and emotional needs. The organisation was established in 2017 and goes way beyond dispatching food packs. We also offer what we call emotional healing and motivation talk. We visit orphanages and elderly homes to lend a hand. I’m also the Minister of Information and Publicity at NUST.

Muziwethu with a colleague at NUST

MM: Nice, what are some of the hiccups that the organisation has faced and what mechanisms have been put in place to curb them?
MSM: The major challenge that we have faced happens to be financial frailty since our economic landscape is crumbling. We are running on a shoe string budget since we are funding ourselves from our own pockets. God has been good to us though since, through our monthly subscriptions, my colleagues and I have soldiered on. The society has backed us as well through donations.

MM: How can one become a member of the organisation and how can one partner with you?
MSM: It is easy, we share our contacts around and we have a next-to-nothing joining fee for the upkeep of the organisation.

MM: What are the future projections for The Helping Hand?
MSM: Basically, we want to grow from just a mere charity organisation to a motivational highway where we will have our own You-Tube channel for motivational nuggets. We also want to grow our brand and be the best and by 2025, we aspire to achieve all of the goals.

MM: Swaying a bit from helping hand, tell us about the ‘Speech Brigade’.
MSM: I was born to speak and I’m someone who has always wanted to be a referential point and arriving at NUST, where I study Journalism and Media. I ran for SRC and came up trumps. I’m currently the Minister of Information and Publicity. The ‘Speech Brigade’ is a brainchild of my love to speak and motivate as well since I’m also a product of someone motivating me through speech. It was founded in 2017 as a way of me coming out of my shell. I was a very shy guy but the Speech Brigade helped come out.

Our mantra is, ‘The Millionaire Walk’ which is a trajectory from a ghetto life filled with scarcity to a life of abundance. The Speech Brigade mainly focuses on mentoring young people in the ghetto where there are broken dreams, unconducive environment and the likes. So the brigade moves with these young people to break the stereotype that when you are born in the ghetto, the only thing you can be is an employee so I want to empower young people to believe in their dreams. Lastly, the brigade comes in to complement the efforts of my charity work. We don’t just give food packs, we give emotional healing as well.

MM: Who or what inspired you to be a motivational speaker?
MSM: There are a number of guys who inspired me to do motivational speaking and these include Steve Harvey, T.D Jakes and our very own Njabulo Moyo but the main reason that inspired me is properly the ghetto life that we are living. Most of my speeches target the youths in the ghetto to believe that they can make it in life irrespective of where they are coming from.

MM: How different are you from the current crop of motivational speakers?

MSM: Firstly, I’m a motivational speaker not just because I have something to share. I’m a motivational speaker because I believe in my vocal abilities.

Secondly, I’m different in the sense that I preach a journey that I was once and still live under so as to say that if you realise, most of these other motivational speakers were born with a golden spoon in their mouths but I was born and still live in the ghetto and that makes me one who understands the journey they are speaking about. (Pauses for a while)

Thirdly, I build mentorship classes where I do a follow-up on the things that I would have taught the young people. The other difference between these other motivational speakers and me is that I’m an author and a life coach. This means that I can use my authorship skills to motivate young people and this makes me unique in the sense that I don’t just speak but I also use the written word. I’m also a musician whose mission is to motivate as well.

MM: What does the future hold for Muzi?

MSM: I have a lot of future projects to launch. ‘The Millionaire Hub’ is a project that was supposed to be launched in the month of June but with the covid-19 upon us, slight changes might be encountered. This project seeks to bring youths together so as to come up with income generation ideas commencing with students at High School. The second project I want to launch will be called, ‘The innovative speakers, writers and artists’ and this is meant to help speakers, authors and artists to be innovative in their different fields. This will mean that they will be taught on ways to effectively use media in order to reach a wider audience.

By 2028, ‘The Millionaire Walk’ should have reached its maturity stage where I would be a millionaire by then. In August, people should expect my debut motivational book entitled, ‘The Millionaire Walk’ and this book will surely change lives. The first song under my name which will be released on the 15th of April is going to be called, ‘The Millionaire Walk’ which will prelude the book that I’m going to publish later on this year.

MM: As the Minister of Information and Publicity at NUST, what does your portfolio entail?
MSM: My portfolio mainly focuses on distributing correct and factual information efficiently and adequately to students. This in turn helps the students to identify authentic information from hoax especially nowadays with the rise of citizen journalism which might send misleading information and cause a stir amongst the students. The ministry also serves to advertise students who are talented.

Muziwenkosi takes the Speech Brigade to the ‘Skyz’

MM: Is the NUST radio station functional?
MSM: It is not yet functional since we have not been licenced to function at optimal scale.

MM: As a parting shot, what would you say to our readers?

MSM: My last words would be to encourage one not to let their current environment define and decide their future. I want to tell the youths not to fear current circumstances but to adapt and dominate and to carve a path of success. Don’t presume and compete for greatness but rather work towards it and let the people decide whether you are great or not.

MM: Thank you for your time sir. Please continue with philanthropic, motivational and leadership work that you are doing.
MSM: Thank you for having me

By Mbulelo Mpofu

Mbulelo eMKlass is grammarian, author, pundit, musician, podcaster and content creator who just loves speaking to people.

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