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10 Tips of Keeping your Sweetheart Happy

The little most important things that are usually ignored in relationships.

Charity Ngwenya

It’s the tiny or little details that have an everlasting impact in every relationship. Things like saying, “sorry” and a bad mouth odour can break or make a relationship. There is nothing that can bring a smile on a lady’s face than having a romantic man in her life or vice versa.

Little things that spruce up your relationship.

1. Know your partner

The most important thing is to know your partner better e. g what he or she likes and dislike. Know what makes him happy or mad and then maximize on making him happy.

2. Respect and listen (Communication)

Everyone especially men like to be respected in front of their cronies.

There is nothing sweeter than knowing that you have a ‘say’ in your relationship. There is no one who wants to be ordered around and being allowed only to say, “How long do l jump? “. Being listened to is very romantic. Don’t interrupt your partner when he or she is talking. Listen, listen and listen.

The communication has to be open. No secrets. Give him a chance to explain whenever you have a misunderstanding.

3. Attention

Give your partner undivided attention. Show him or her that they are your first priority. But don’t ignore other important issues such as school or work just to make them happy.

4. Be Yourself

Especially as ladies we try to be someone else in front of our boyfriends. Men go to the extent of getting loans just to please a girlfriend who needs a new hairstyle. If you are broke at that moment just tell her. If she loves you she will compromise and maybe go for an affordable hairstyle that you can manage at the moment or find an alternative solution. Be who you are. True guys and true ladies really value this.

5. Play Games and Go Out on Dates

When going on a date just choose a venue you can afford especially for students a park can do.

Find a hobby that you share for example going for a soccer tournament, early morning jog, singing and watching a movie.

6. Personal Hygiene

There is nothing that puts me off than a mouth or armpit that stinks like trash. Make sure you are always presentable and smelling fresh.

7. Let the world know that you are in love

Well, this is up for debate as some like to keep their romantic life confidential. But going public gives your partner a sense of security. It’s kind of romantic as you feel that your darling is not ashamed to show the world that he loves you. It also boosts self esteem.

8. Compliments and / appreciation

Most women including me of course, want to be complimented. For every new hairstyle or haircut, new dress e. t. c these compliments boost your partner’s self esteem.

If he or she gives you something no matter how small it is, just say,

“Thank you”

9. Surprises

As students l believe that not most of us can afford really big presents or surprises but it’s always the “thought that counts”. If you are a lady for example you can cook and invite him over for lunch e. t. c. Just being the first to say, “happy birthday” might really matter to your partner.

10. Apologies

Sometimes it’s so difficult to say, “I am sorry”. When you are wrong just apologize and bury the hatchet.

Saying sorry when you are not wrong is difficult but very important.

NB: Bear in mind that what works for my relationship won’t always work for yours. Don’t compare your partner with your ex. Don’t try to change your partner but accept who he or she is especially when it comes to unchangeable behavioral traits. A relationship is a commitment once you are in you are in.