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‘Dress to be addressed’ – Gabriella Muparutsa

I know that the last worry on people’s minds nowadays happens to be how they look and what they wear since they spend most of their time indoors. At least some do care and wear masks and gloves of course. For some, this situation has presented a perfect opportunity to just be on their PJs and nighties all day long and throw class out the window for a bit. ‘Form is ephemeral whilst class is permanent’ was said with good reason and Gabriella Muparutsa, a Burnside resident is what many may attest to as a fashionista with a licence to maintain off the cuff apparel. She is as classy as they come and where else do you get to read phenomenal collegiate content than right here?

Gabriella, on a white dress unwinding with friends.
Gabriella, on a white dress unwinding with friends.

The Property Development and Estates Management scholar surely commands quite a great deal of knowledge about fashion and the importance of making good first impressions. We are slowly charging towards fashion disaster season, winter and by this time, people just adorn for the purposes of getting rid of the chilly weather but PR is throw out the window. Be the first to break that duck because today is your lucky day. Hope your pen and diary are close by ’cause y’all going to have some fashion and beauty tips to jot down.

As a fashionista, what tips can you give to other students since your dress sense is off the cuff?

As a fashionista, dress the way you want to be addressed. Dress to express yourself. Don’t dress to be an imitation of someone else but be who you are through dress. That’s how you become unique and outstanding.

What’s your take on slay queens & make up? Does putting on make-up make one a slay queen?

I think that’s just a stereotypical name that has just been put out there ‘cause most of the times if someone dresses very well and stand out, people tend to label them as slay queens which is very wrong by the way. I don’t strongly agree with this term ‘cause it’s been wrongly used and when

someone put on their make-up, it doesn’t mean they are slay queens ‘cause it’s a term that has been used negatively. Make-up is just an expression of one’s fashion sense.

Your skin looks flawless, how do you maintain such high standards of beauty?

Well for my skin, water is the secret ingredient and also minding my own business (laughs) really. I don’t follow and buy into the mainstream skin-care tips awash on the internet but I wash my face very often since it’s oily. I drink lot of water eat a lot fruit and avoid fatty, junk food.

Please give us a typical attire for these occasions, a sports day, a Miss NUST event, a business symposium.

For sports, you would want to rock your Nike trainer, shorts & T-shirt and a cap since there is a likelihood that you will be exposed to a lot of sunlight. The cap should match the whole outfit that you are wearing.

For Miss NUST, I would prefer a black figure-shaping dress or a maxy open black dress with vent and some nice heels. I would also tie my hair up for confidence purposes.

For a business symposium, I would go for a high-waist black skirt and a nice top inside, accompanied by a blazer to make it formal and of course, the final nail to the coffin, your heels.

What are the three things you might need for a vacation to a tropical beach?

What’s a woman in the tropical beach without her best swim suit, glasses, big flappy hat and for your feet, open comfortable shoes will do.

Any last words to fashionistas at NUST & the whole collegiate in Zimbabwe?

I would just say, ‘dress to express yourself and don’t try to be someone else. Nothing beats confidence so be confident in whatever attire you will be wearing.’

We always keep it 100 here and you can follow Gabriella on Instagram for more profiles, keep it where it’s at see you next time folks. So long.

By Mbulelo Mpofu

Mbulelo eMKlass is grammarian, author, pundit, musician, podcaster and content creator who just loves speaking to people.

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