A degree or Certificate is not everything.

Life is what happens when you are busy trying to make a living….

One of the most weaknesses we have as Africans is the belief that,

School is a pathway to success.

Not that l condone schooling as a pathway to success, may l not be misquoted.

School is the yardstick or gateway to success.

Most of the time is spent from one lecture room to the next. We are being taught all the Theory and less practical if any. After class it’s the assignments, projects and so forth. The head is academically exhausted. The next thing one thinks of is a movie or a party in a bid to refresh the clustered mind.

While others were busy working for the best degrees at Harvard University, Bill Gates dropped out and started working on his Microsoft Company. Today he is historically recorded as one of the best billionaires who dropped out of school. The list of billionaires who dropped out of school is endless. Remember this is not an encouragement for you to drop out of school.

Universities and colleges have bred billions of uncooked graduates, who can’t even say a word in front of an audience. This might be due to stage fright or lack of confidence and fluency. While you are busy feeding the mind with textbooks feed the person inside you with wisdom, courage, confidence, risk taking and communication skills. Not all degrees or Certificates teach this unless if they are for a few certain fields.

A Degree alone cannot build you, come on, it’s just a paper. It’s high time that paper matched the person. Imagine a first class degree in the hands of a person who is not confident on a job interview.

I am grateful to the university such as Africa University, NUST, UZ and so forth for their Enactus clubs and Hult Prizes that encourage students to be entrepreneurs. Students should ensure that they are part of these so as to grow in many aspects not only the degree side.

There are clubs such as the Toast Masters that help people to gain confidence. What really matters is who you are, the employers (for those who will work for others) want to see who you are and see if you match your CV.

See also Jack Ma’s Ultimate guide for students for more information.