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‘Dress to be addressed’ – Gabriella Muparutsa

I know that the last worry on people’s minds nowadays happens to be how they look and what they wear since they spend most of their time indoors. At least some do care and wear masks and gloves of course. For some, this situation has presented a perfect opportunity to just be on their PJs […]

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April’s Campus Queen: Natasha Tatenda Zhou

They say, ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ and they are right. There is also universal beauty that cannot undisputed. C’mon, don’t tell me that you dispute Beyoncé’s beauty. So this week, we take a back seat and celebrate feminine beauty in its finest grandeur. Show yourself Natasha and show them that indeed, […]

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

I’m sure one day you came across these famous words on your telly, ‘The Jabroni beating, pie eating, trailblazing, eyebrow raising, the best in the present, future and past’. We kick off our celebrity profile adventure with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a figure who needs no introduction whatsoever but y’all know him from the squared […]


Newsflash !

During a Covid-19-imposed lockdown with strict stay-at-home regulations, the last thing one wants is boredom. Neither do I and that is the reason why we bring you content that is tailored to suit your reading needs. As a month-ender, (or month starter) we will be giving you a double header of profiles with effect from […]

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Super Geeks: Choreography Par Excellence

The search for arguably Zimbabwe’s best dance group is over as the, ‘Super Geeks’ have touched down and they have done so with poise and finesse. Be it Jah Prayzer’s, Sandra Ndebele’s or Asaph’s music video, they have been there. They call themselves the, ‘Super Geeks’ and for a good reason. The crew has truly […]



Forget Covid-19. Forget the lockdown for a second and feel the breeze as we slowly but surely embrace that indeed, “life begins at 40.” Let’s see how well you know our motherland. We bring you 10 interesting facts about Zimbabwe as we celebrate four decades of independence. Dive right in, won’t you? 1. It was […]


Techni-coloured dreams. Believe in the magic: Uratile Nare

I don’t know what you guys call her but I call her the linchpin of the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Enactus Club. That’s my definition of her but why define her whilst we had the chance to talk to the bubbly and lively Uratile Nare (UN), sibling to the famous Pokello Nare? […]

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Join the ‘Millionaire Walk’ with Muziwenkosi Moyo.

“There are two days to note in life. The first being the day one was born and the latter being the day one realised why they were born”- Meet Muziwenkosi Sigidi Moyo, a motivational speaker/philanthropist and leader.

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Creating moments with Blessings Panashe Nyamhunga

A photographer by passion, entrepreneur at heart and
electronic engineer by aspiration.