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You can also contribute articles to Campus Moments Magazine. Fill in the form below and we will send you an email with more information on submission of articles, terms and conditions.


Roles Description 

Editorial Team

The editorial team is responsible for the “publication” side of the magazine. They brainstorm, pitch and publish articles via CM’s editorial platform.



  • Publish at least 4 articles each month on a variety of topics
  • Incorporate and respond to content feedback/edits in a timely manner
  • Brainstorm ideas at diary meetings and complete articles by their assigned due dates


Leader: Editorial Director

The Editorial Director sets the editorial vision and standards. They oversee the editorial process, from story ideation to publication.


  • Inspire the team to create the highest quality content at a motivated pace that meets all publishing and style needs
  • Oversee pitch submission and editing timeline for all content
  • Be liaison between writers and editors
  • Help develop writers’ skills and personal voices
  • Inspire members to share stories through social media and build organic readership

Civic Engagement Team

The Civic Engagement team is responsible for defining the magazine’s brand and spreading Campus Moments’ message and work across campus and beyond through events, social media and PR. They work towards growing awareness, recruiting new members and increasing readership.



  • Organize campus-wide events to increase community engagement
  • Organize bonding events to increase team unity
  • Reach out to other on-campus organizations and local businesses for partnership opportunities

Social Media

  • Contribute to the chapter’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, driving online traffic, promoting events and helping to organize social media campaigns
  • Manage distribution of all editorial content across social platforms


Leader: Civic Engagement Director

The Civic Engagement Director leads the larger marketing strategy that outlines brand development, content promotion, events and social media tactics to achieve the Magazine’s quarterly/yearly goals.


  • Elect and lead team members who oversee project timelines, goals and impact
  • Create event schedule for the quarter/semester and lead planning, sponsorships and promotion
  • Create a social media strategy to grow your following, increase engagement and promote marketing and public relations campaigns
  • Develop strategic partnerships with other organizations on campus and local businesses
  • Lead creation of promotional recruitment materials to get the word out about Campus Moments (fliers, digital fliers, cover photos, T-shirts, etc.)


The photography team works with writers and marketers to take eye-catching, relevant photos for articles and social media. The team also creates awesome lifestyle videos that will be featured on the website and social media pages and YouTube channel.


  • Take and edit photos for at least 4 stories or projects each month
  • Actively brainstorm photo ideas with writers, marketers and leadership team
  • Communicate and coordinate with writers to get them the pictures they need on deadline
  • **Note: You must own or be able to borrow a DSLR or SLR camera in order to be a photographer. (Unless we can’t tell your photos were taken by a smart phone.)
  • Film and edit a minimum of 2 videos every month
  • Storyboard, plan, shoot and edit videos
  • Stay on top of deadlines in month long production cycles
  • Access to a camera/ smartphone and video editing software
  • Experience with shooting, editing and uploading video in different formats


Leader: Director of Photography (DOP)

The DOP upholds Campus Moments’ photo standards and manages a streamlined photo creation, editing and publishing process for the team.

  • Oversee photo creation and approve photos in each article before it goes to editor for publication
  • Help members develop their POVs and skill sets as photographers
  • Write, shoot and edit a minimum of 1 video every month.
  • Lead producers throughout their respective projects.
  • Recruit producers.
  • Build a team of talented crew members as needed.

Privacy Policy: Due care will be taken to protect your privacy. Your personal details will not be given to third parties nor be used for any other purposes other than the intended.

8 replies on “BE PART OF US”

Am glad I found a platform where i can express my concerns. As a block student I do not have the university feel, I jus feel like a foreigner. We need maximum representation!!!!✊✊✊

@ D’el-Roi, thank you so much for engaging, we promise to do our best to represent all students on campus.
@Gospel Precious, we are a student’s magazine. Our aim is to give a platform to students to share their thoughts, interact and engage with each other so that we transform college institutions to be student centred. You can contribute through writing articles that will be published hear and on our print magazines. All we want are students to speak.

hie guys this is an exciting initiative you have here. I’ve just signed up to be part of the team however the area which i can contribute to the best of my abilities is not available as one of the options on your list.I produce and present The Varsity Vault Podcast Zw which gives exclusive exposure to Zimbabwean students in tertiary institutions in the country and beyond.I don’t know if you have a multi-media category on this platform. Here is a link to the podcast;

Hey, we are so excited u stopped by Fitzgerald. We are looking forward to a bigger and better Campus Moments starting this September. That means we definatley have a slot for multi-media. WE will contact u via email shortly.

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