Varsity students in Covid-19 diagnosis breakthrough

Zimbabwe students have designed computer software they say can distinguish ordinary pneumonia from the one caused by Covid-19.

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How Andrew Chikomba went from small ICT consultant to big tech entrepreneur

Meet Bulawayo’s fast rising businessman and recipient of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2019).

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Find a Problem and Carve a Solution – Blessing Phiri

Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself, and that’s exactly how life has played out for Blessing Phiri (@blessingphiri_ ) , an entrepreneur and Mechatronics undergraduate student at Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT)


Universities are key to achieving sustainable development

COVID-19 has exposed huge inequalities in higher education, which are far higher in Sub-Saharan African countries. The big divide is the lack of reliable access to data, and until data speeds and coverage are equal, the world will still be divided by those who can learn and those who can’t.

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Denny Marandure, ZOL CEO: Man on a Mission

Here is Danny Marandure, CEO of ZOL. Find out how he made it to the top.

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Surviving study abroad – As a student and a new mother

I had never understood the value of time until the day I became a mother trying to balance studies and motherhood. Every minute was as precious as every penny earned. Time lost meant skipping a lecture and staying up late to catch up. The trick for me was to create a routine and be consistent


15 lecturers dump UZ in one week over poor wages

Some of the worst affected include the Faculty of Social Studies, which has seen some high-profile departures, among them long-serving constitutional law lecturer Greg Linington and leading professors Donald Chimanikire and Hasu Patel.

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Prof Zvobgo hailed the development saying the radio station will revolutionise learning at GZU during the Covid-19 era, which calls for social distancing.


A degree or Certificate is not everything.

Life is what happens when you are busy trying to make a living…. One of the most weaknesses we have as Africans is the belief that, School is a pathway to success. Not that l condone schooling as a pathway to success, may l not be misquoted. School is the yardstick or gateway to success. […]

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‘Dress to be addressed’ – Gabriella Muparutsa

I know that the last worry on people’s minds nowadays happens to be how they look and what they wear since they spend most of their time indoors. At least some do care and wear masks and gloves of course. For some, this situation has presented a perfect opportunity to just be on their PJs […]