4 study skills that will help you succeed in your career

Check out these four study skills in particular that can carry over into your career


Programmes needed to make university education affordable

By Crispen Rateiwa Life is not easy, especially for the youths. A general survey in the country tells a simple story. Whether one chooses to pursue academics, vocational education or sports, youths are struggling to make ends meet. With company closures, retrenchments and paltry salaries, youths cannot rely with parents or guardians’ support, especially for […]

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Teachers: “Heroes Without Merit!”

By Bright Zindove & Sineke Sibanda One thing I know for sure is that most great men on earth stood on the shoulders of great and mighty women. One way or the other, they  passed through the hands of a teacher. Steven Hawkings, Bill Gates, Gandhi to mention just a few, at some point in […]