Call for Contributions

You are invited to submit story contributions for possible inclusion in a compilation  of short stories entitled, A Student’s Eye: Perspectives on Campus Culture. The compilation will be published by a network of student led organisations and groups guided by the objective of improving the lives of students in campuses within Zimbabwe. The publication is a build up towards a youth summit to be hosted in November 2017 anchored on student identity dynamics and campus life.


Student campus life forms an integral sub sect of the broader cultural hegemony. This is in cognisant of the fact that students graduate to become the ‘significant other’ in the macro society. Their struggles therefore, if note voiced with an ardent objective to improve their well being, end up being national social struggles. The idea of the publication is informed by recent reports and research on what is mostly considered as misnomer social activities by students in different campuses, especially on issues relating to sex and identity. The successful publication of this issue therefore becomes an active starting point of discussing campus culture as it affects students and more so, becomes a chronicle of students’ experiences from the lens of the affected. It also triggers the need for rethinking a new line of debate and ideologies that architecture the status quo. In that regard, areas of interest for this publication include, but are not limited to, the following themes: Identity dynamics as they affect disability, sex, gender, race and ethnicity

  • Sexuality, gender and power subtleties in campus life
    Popular culture as a factor towards student campus culture
    Post- student struggles and how they trace back to campus culture.

The publication also seeks to respond to the following questions, though they should not be perceived as limitations:

  • How best can students harness technology as it affects their campus life?
    How does student campus culture reflect the detrimental broader masculinity and patriarchal tendencies?
    How best health and reproductive centres can better respond to student needs?
    How best can post modernity be normalised to accommodate dissenting identities
    within campuses?

The short stories, submitted in word document (doc) or rich text formats (rtf) should be
e m a i l e d t o a n d c c P o f e l a  N d z o z i
( who will also welcome questions and comments relating to the special publication. Also, please take note of the important dates below.

The story contributions shall be 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman font, size 12. The full short story shall be between 2 000 and 5 000 words (though not a limitation). Please note that only ten (10) stories would be selected for publication of this first issue and they will be assessed on a rolling basis towards the deadline.

Special Dates

Date Item
01 October 2017 Call for contributions
20 October 2017  Deadline for submission of first draft of the full story and peer reviews.
10 November 2017 Book launch and Publication