By Buhle Nkomo

Finally the Campus Moments team managed to meet Ashley Morgen, a 21 year old bubbly, ambitious and fun loving marketer. Having been crowned the Queen of the institution, Ashley expressed sen- timents of gratitude and humility be- cause she has been empowered with a voice.

“Holding the Miss NUST title has been an honour that has allowed me to dream for greater heights,” said Ashley. She also mentioned that she loves the idea of being an ambassador of the youth, talent and promoting beauty with brains. Ashley said: “From what i under- stand, beauty pageants are about celebrating beauty and promoting it through addressing social welfare problems in societies.”

Considering that she is currently on Industrial Attachment at which means that she will be away from campus during her reign, Ashley has therefore made plans to embark on projects that will socially empower and reach out to youths all over Bulawayo. “Primarily I will be engaging in mostly work of the hands and intellectual projects,” said Ashley. “As I ‘m a student, that’s the best resource available to me at the moment. However, I do have bigger plans and you will be the first to know when the chickens do hatch.”

The Queen also mentioned that the best way tackle the societal problems is through offering selfless service to the community. Ashley also known as ‘Miss Pretty Ash’ on twitter extended her gratitude to God for his blessings and to family and friends for their support and belief in her. She also expressed her gratitude to NUST community for giving her the platform to be heard.

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