Buhle Nkomo

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Dozens of opportunities for scholarships, exchange programs and fellowships abroad are publicised on Campus Moments every year. Recognising the opportunities, most students are quick to like, share and register their interest, but that’s just as far as they go. Poor time management and procrastination gets the better of them, they fail to complete the application process on time and opportunity passes by.

However, for the smart handful that file in their applications successfully, the experiences are overwhelming and magical, memories sweet and everlasting. They open a door to further opportunities and their lives just change for the better forever.

Buhle Nkomo, a journalism student at Nust, is one such smart lass. She is at the University of Washington-Seattle attending a Study of the United States Institutes for student leaders on Civic Engagement. After a total of 36 hours in transit across some of the finest airports in Africa, Europe and America, the budding writer is ready to let us in on her adventures live through blogs over the next month. Be Inspired!

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Diary of Zimbo studying abroad: Buhle Nkomo @ University of Washington, Seattle-WA, USA.