D’Lax (Walter Mcebisi Dlamini)


D’lax, real name Walter Mcebisi Dlamini is a 22 year old gentleman born and raised in Emganwini, Bulawayo. He is in his 3rd year of an Honours Degree in Journalism and Media Studies at NUST. Like many successful hip-hop artists, D’lax was raised by a single mother. He fell in love with hip-hop at a young age inspired by artists such as 2pac, Puff Daddy,Nelly, Ja Rule who are just but a handful of artists who had very successful careers in the late 90s to the early 2000s. D’lax is now a songwriter, singer-rapper and a performer.

D’lax has always been a bathroom singer, a habit he developed at high school (Embakwe high), with few friends who used to like singing out loud during bath time, where he conducted his high school from 2006 to 2011.

“I believe music speaks to our day to day life experiences. Therefore as an artist, I have
assumed the position of being a public representative,speaking to problems affecting the general population…”

With the soaring prominence of the hip-hop genre in Bulawayo in the last few years, D’lax says he drew inspiration from his friend Vuyisile Dube aka Vodoo Flow who had already been in the industry for a while. D’lax recorded his first ever song “Living my dream” in January 2015, a song which the duo were applauded for but was affected by poor mastering and quality.

“I did not stop making efforts to do better and my determination is what has kept me going since then. After recording my second single with my buddie Brook C, a track titled “Hands Up” my cousin brother introduced me to Kaycee, and subsequently to Linda,Nelly-Mckessie, Dr Kay and Michelle. Together in March 2015 we formed a crew called EMG STUNNERZ, which I am still a member of to date.”


“We have since recorded remarkable songs which placed us into the top 5 best performances at the Intwasa competitions which were held in September 2015.
D’lax has worked with upcoming artists such as Vodoo Flow, Big Sox, Mr C Skyze, Brook,T-lion, Mellzet, Ice B, K.I Bangs, Geeky M to name a few,”D’lax added.

D’lax has released an album entitled- Representing. It comprises 7 tracks namely ;
Kusasa Kuyizolo,
Work no Play,
Ingculaza ,
Song for mama,
The struggle

All songs were composed and written by D’lax, mixed and mastered by Geeky M and produced by Geeky M & D’lax.

The album title “Representing” is derived from D’laxs approach to being the voice of unspoken emotions and feelings.

“I believe music speaks to our day to day life experiences, and I believe an artist can assume the position of being a public representative, speaking to problems affecting the general population, an artist can be a voice of the voiceless: This is where I derived the title Representing, to say that my songs speak to unspoken love, hurt feelings and socio-economic problems faced by members of the public.”

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