How Can I Deal With Sexual Harassment On Campus?

For far too long, impunity, silence and stigma have allowed violence against women to escalate to pandemic proportions—one in three women worldwide experience gender-based violence. The time for change is here and now


Video: Catholic varsity students explain use of sex herbs in marriages

They were part of the of students drawn from various tertiary institutions in the country who converged at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Bulawayo under the banner of government iniatated Research and Intellectual Outputs-Science, Engineering and Technology (Rio-Set) to showcase innovative products that could be useful for the nation Source:


#CampusMomentsAfterDark: The 6 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Having Sex

Bloating. Bad breath. Farts. Turns you on, right? WRONG. CAUTION: Hot Chips, Beans, Indian foods, Spicy foods, may decrease sexual appetite, cause embarrassment and discomfort